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The call sign for Luke Skywalker’s x-wing from the Death Star trench run scene in Star Wars is the inspiration for the name Red-5. Like the other failed trench runs, the same old thinking gave the same old results. Unlike them, Red-5 looked beyond the obvious and saw what others did not. Like Red-5, Lean is thinking differently about the challenges you face every day and about reaching your desired result and achieving success.

Red-5 is about improvement that leads to transformation. A new learning paradigm of thinking that results in different and better outcomes. We are seasoned experts in helping leaders, managers, and front-line staff do exactly that. We develop processes, build skills and set goals to meet your unique challenges. Red-5 offers a personable, customized and collaborative approach to Lean training and consulting.

Meet the Members of Our Alliance

To face today's challenges, Red-5 has had to rebel against the status quo and create a collaborative, more personal approach to business improvement.

Some businesses have an empire of people to perform their work, and even then it cannot do everything or know it all – let alone just one person. So Red-5 has strategic alliances with other like-minded players that share their expertise, and cooperate and enhance each other to achieve a synergistic outcome. With Red-5 you get more than one person, you get access to an alliance of skilled leaders in business improvement! Meet the members of our rebel Alliance!
Avel Espiritu

Avel Espiritu

Founder & Lean Expert
Shafraaz Kaba

Shafraaz Kaba

ASK for a Better World
Stephani Carter

Stephani Carter

Nicole Auser

Nicole Auser

Moose Digital Communications
Jacob Komar

Jacob Komar

Revolve Engineering
Amelie Caron

Amelie Caron


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we do in business can come down to a process, or system. Each one has an infinite number of uncovered and hidden problems. Lean empowers your people to discover these “problems” and turn them into “opportunities” to improve your business. Lean principles facilitate the collaboration between your leaders and their team to solve problems and constantly improve your business while remaining agile to the variations in your market.

All industries across all sectors can benefit from deploying Lean methods and principles into their processes and culture. Ideally, to truly benefit from Lean, your entire business should adopt Lean into its culture, led from the c-suites through to front-line employees.

When you adopt a Lean transformation, you can expect to see:

  • increased production
  • visible organization
  • stable quality
  • improved efficiencies
  • reduced lead times
  • and improved employee engagement

Lean became widespread from the automobile industry several decades ago, yet Lean transcends that sector. What allows Lean to be one of the most robust business improvement methods is the empowerment it gives to the people within the business. People is the common denominator. All industries essentially break down into processes, and people – if your business has these two, Lean is for you!

Contact Red-5 to get started and give your Lean journey an expert boost. In the initial meeting we will assess and discuss opportunities for improvement that are unique to your business. Together we will identify your ideal state, and then collaborate on how to get there using Lean training, tools and methods.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a program that allows employers and government to share in the cost of training new and existing Alberta employees to increase their knowledge and skills. To research more visit Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Contact Red-5 today to learn about what training we offer that is eligible for submitting to CAJG for approval.

At first, you will look to Lean to improve your processes and optimize your business to increase quality and productivity. After practicing Lean methods, you will develop a deeper understanding of your processes and respect for your people. This will foster a culture of continuous learning that will increase your business’s competitiveness and ability to innovate.

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