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Lean Training service

Lean Training

Simply put – Lean means creating more value for your customers. Lean principles have directly attributed to the increased profitability of manufacturing and fabrication companies for decades. These same principles are now also being applied successfully to many other sectors including construction, government, armed forces, healthcare, and many more.

By understanding the principles of Lean, business owners and managers can begin to lead change in their organization, get employees engaged in solving problems, and integrate continuous improvement thinking into their corporate culture.
Learn how just thinking about your work differently can dramatically improve productivity, which not only benefits your company internally but ultimately results in a happier customer.

Our Lean experts will engage your employees to adopt the 5 Principles of Lean Thinking and apply practical methods like 5S, value stream mapping, kanban, kaizen, and A3 thinking.

Explore our training options below, or contact us to start your journey towards eliminating waste and increasing profitability.

training options

Yellow belt Certificate

Gives participants training on the basic principles of Lean thinking and outlines the essential Lean tools that can be applied in an organization to increase efficiency and quality, improve satisfaction and reduce waste. This training is beneficial for all employees from front-line staff to managers to establish a cultural foundation for continuous improvement.


Taking Lean manufacturing principles and applying it in an office environment – Finance, Engineering firm, Law office, Human Resources, Customer Service.

PDF icon Curriculum – Office Yellow Belt


Applying Lean principles to your service, construction, manufacturing facility or fabrication shop – big or small, this training is for you!

PDF icon Curriculum – Operations Yellow Belt


Customize your Yellow Belt certificate training by supplementing it with a minimum of one of these additional electives.

Green belt Certificate

Green Belt

Start to build Lean Leaders in your organization who will champion multi-process or cross-departmental improvements.

Prerequisite: Yellow Belt Certificate (Office/Operations/Enhanced)

PDF icon Curriculum – Green Belt

Green Belt Enhanced

Customize your Green Belt certificate training by supplementing it with a minimum of one of- these additional electives.


This instruction is specifically tailored to front-line production and manufacturing staff to create a base level of knowledge for increasing their productivity. Delivers front-line staff training on Lean tools and essential skills that can be applied to increase their efficiency and quality of work. A record of completion is provided upon at the conclusion of each level, and a certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the full 21-hour FPT program at Level 3.


This training program provides participants with an overview of the basic principles of Lean Thinking, and targets training in 5S to increase efficiency, quality, improve employee satisfaction and reduce ineffective activities with respect to your working area. The building, warehouse, factory, or jobsite contains your process, but it does not have to limit its capabilities. The working area is an essential component to contributing to your productivity. In this intensive training, understand how to analyze and leverage your work space and design your process to maximize performance using Lean tools.

PDF icon Curriculum – WorkSpace Optimization

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Our team at Arrow experienced excellent guidance and mentorship throughout our Lean training, and beyond. Avel is very easy to work with, and has a keen eye for identifying strengths, growth and opportunity alongside you. I would highly recommend Avel for Lean training services.

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