Making high density storage organized and functional

Making high density storage organized and functional

Lean isn’t just for manufacturing facilities! A post-secondary institution that was in need of improvement to their processes in its high density library also utilized Lean methods to improve their operations.

Their Leaders were seeking drastic improvement to their processes, so with the help of Lean experts they implemented spaghetti diagrams, value stream mapping, and 5S to help the post-secondary institution optimize its processes. As a results, the customer saw:

  • A decrease in their lead time from 6.5 hours to 3.5 hours (46% improvement)
  • Reduced work in progress inventory (from 2000 to 250 units)
  • Reduced required production space by 3,283 ft2
  • Reduced walking distance for sorting runs by 50% (from 1,353 ft. to 660 ft.)

The facility went from chaotic and reactive to the exact opposite. The result showed tidy and organized spaces, but represented something far more imperative; with the guidance of Lean experts, the post-secondary institution created a highly functional workplace where tasks get done in a fraction of the time than they could before with drastically reduced stress to their team to deliver twice daily within regular business hours. Their new process was so robust that they were able to continue operations whilst moving between facilities!

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